About Us

RFT Gear is based in Finland and we work closely with our former parent company RFT AB; a wholesaler in Sweden.  A couple of years ago, Jussi Sojakka had the idea to work with Reliant gear at the retail level and he set up rftgear.com shortly thereafter.  Jussi is a site designer and custom rod builder from Tampere, Finland.  When @j_sojakka is not working with corporate design, he is building high-end custom fly rods (or he’s out fishing).

RFT Gear has the good fortune to work with a few dedicated anglers/individuals from northern Europe:

@oaklind (Sweden)
@tedsyhlen (Sweden)
@oskargester (Sweden)
@gentleflyfishing (Sweden)
@leeaylitalo (Finland)
@tmikola (Finland)
@flystalkers (Finland)
@northernflyfishing (Germany)