About Us

RFT Gear delivers unique fly tackle and components directly to customers in the Nordic and European countries. We are based in Finland and we work closely with our former parent company RFT AB; a wholesaler in Sweden.  A couple of years ago, Jussi Sojakka had the idea to work with Reliant gear at the retail level and he set up rftgear.com shortly thereafter.  Jussi is a site designer and custom rod builder from Tampere, Finland.  When @j_sojakka is not working with corporate design, he is building high-end custom fly rods (or he’s out fishing).

We began with a focus on the northern European market, but we also serve customers in southern Europe, Africa and as far away as Asia and North America. We have a unique shipping partner which combines the services of major vendors such as DHL, UPS and TNT in order to give us the flexibility to ship worldwide at sensible prices.

We are proud to represent the Red Truck Flyfishing brand in Europe. The Red Truck assortment offers superb fit and finish combined with outstanding performance at realistic prices. RFT Gear is the only place in Europe where Red Truck products are available and the only place anywhere that offers Red Truck fly rod blanks.

Along with unique fly rod blanks from Red Truck we offer innovative, durable and stylish rod-building components not found elsewhere. Whether you are out to find solid fly tackle at sensible prices or to build your own custom fly rod, you’re sure to find something interesting here.

RFT Gear has the good fortune to work with a few dedicated anglers/individuals from northern Europe:

@helgijoh (Iceland)
@veidirikid (Iceland)
@highgreenlander (Sweden)
@oaklind (Sweden)
@tedsyhlen (Sweden)
@oskargester (Sweden)
@gentleflyfishing (Sweden)
@leeaylitalo (Finland)
@tmikola (Finland)
@flystalkers (Finland)
@northernflyfishing (Germany)