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Fly Fishing

There are loads of fly fishing brands and products on the market today.  If you’re an experienced fly angler, you normally already know what you’re looking for.  If you’re new to the sport, choosing the right fly fishing equipment for you can be tough. RFT Gear is mostly about custom rod building, but we offer a few finished fly fishing products like Red Truck Fly rods and Cortland Fly Lines.  These are proven brands with great, sensibly priced products.

Red Truck is a small fly fishing company from the US West. The brand was formed by guys who fish a lot and cast well. These are very high-end fly rods at a super sensible price.  Red Truck has gained a lot of interest lately among many other knowledgeable fly anglers who are tired of the big brands which constantly phase out rods in order to introduce new models and series every few months. Folks have begun to figure out all the change has less to do with innovation and is mostly about marketing & sales hype to sell more new rods. Red Truck has kept it real throughout the years with go-to tapers that work and a clean look that just never becomes obsolete. The classic Diesel fly rod is a no-nonsense piece of fishing equipment designed in the US and carefully produced together with the world’s leading manufacturer of premium fly rods.

The Cortland Line Company has been making high-quality fly lines for over 100 years.  Cortland has over 50 different fly line models in the present assortment for every conceivable fishing situation.  Anglers and engineers have developed these tapers and they deliver.  We at RFTGear have chosen a select few which match our rods and typical fishing situations.  The coatings are durable and slick, and the tapers perform exactly as they should.