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Fly Lines & Backing

Fly lines & backing from Cortland are a great compliment to any fly rod built with components found at RFT Gear.  Single-hand models in weight forward, double taper, floating, intermediate and sinking densities are all available in may great tapers.

Epic Glass Line fly lines match perfectly to Epic Fastglass fly rods. Epic lines from Swift Fly Fishing are the only lines in the industry designed to perfectly match glass fly rods.  Most fly lines in the marketplace today tend to be heavier than the actual rod class rating states.  Epic fly lines will feel somewhat light to most anglers, but they are technically exactly matched in grain weight to the fasglass rods they are designed for.  Accomplished casters will also find them well-matched to most carbon graphite fly rods.

Balanced fly lines & backing are critical and we’ve selected fly line tapers in various configurations perfectly matched to the blanks we offer so that the rod builder can source the whole casting package at one time.

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