Nature Boy Designs

Nature Boy Designs is the brainchild of our good friend Keith Westra from Fremont, California. Keith is a dedicated fly angler with an eye for design and a hand for detailed craftsmanship. His products are a range of must-have accessories that simply make you more effective on the water.

Fly anglers will find paracord lanyard accessories from Nature Boy Designs. These are among the most imaginative and innovative gear organizers on the market. They are constructed in tough 550 nylon parachute cord and attractively styled in blue and graphite which is sure to compliment whatever water-gear you happen to be wearing.

The classic NBD 550 Wader Lanyard tightens up your loose ends and keep everything within easy reach. No digging into pockets, no fumbling when fingers are cold, just quick, easy access to your terminal tackle and small tools. There is even a version with harness for when you’re not wearing waders.

Be sure to also check out the paracoil retractors and the spool stacker!

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Showing all 4 results