Red Truck Fly Fishing

The Red Truck Fly Fishing Company produces Diesel Fly Rods and Reels. The series has been around for almost a decade. The gear is simple, functional and sensibly priced.  The trout rods have stylish size-adapted grips. Both graphite and glass models feature and unground snake-belly finish. Red Truck Diesel fly rods have a distinct, classic look that just doesn’t go out of style. They are super-light, ultra-responsive and they cast and fish like a dream.

The Leland crew sold many hundreds of fly rods and fly reels from all the major brands for many years. They fished them all and knew exactly what worked best.  Unfortunately, every brand had at least one new rod series for every season.  The new models never really represented new innovation. Each series had to be “moved” before the next series appeared.  They simply got sick of the repeating cycle.  At that point the Leland owners decided to create their own Red Truck Fly Fishing Company.

The Red Truck brand is a refreshing and sensible alternative to almost everything else out there.  We are proud to offer these great products in Scandinavia and Europe. Red Truck Diesel Fly Rods deliver incredible function and real value.