Fly Rod Handles

We offer complete fly rod handle kits in several configurations and styles.  Kits include grip, seat and a fighting butt when applicable.  We have both RT and RFT handle kits in single-hand and double-hand assemblies.

RT Components

Red Truck rods are known for the scaled-down full wells grips used on the trout size models.  This special grip comfortably fits the hand to create a unique connection to smaller rods. The two slim, all-aluminum seats feature a brilliant finish, a secure locking ring hood assembly and a 14mm bore which fits almost all glass blanks up to #6.

We have two new one-piece hardwood insert seats which feature a walnut insert and a secure locking ring hood assembly.  The 12mm bore fits all graphite blanks and some smaller glass blanks such as the RT-473-3 E-glass and the Haldin 37 & 57. There is also a RT seat with gunsmoke double-locking hardware and a hardwood insert.  This seat fits all graphite trout-sized blanks up to #6.

For rods #7 and heavier, RT offers a full wells grip 180mm long and milled in AAA cork.  The all-aluminum seat features a brilliant titanium finish and a secure double-locking ring hood assembly. Finally, there is a high quality double-hand handle assembly in classic style.

RFT Components

We built the RFT handle kit around a never-fail, guide-grade, functional seat that securely fastens the reel to the rod. No knurls, burls, flash or frills here.  The tolerances between the sleeve and the triangle cylinder are tight and create a smooth, stable feel.  The double locking rings include a rubber gasket and do not loosen under use. We naturally rounded it out in a stealth, matte-black finish.  This is not decoration for the rod, but rather a tool that makes it work better.

Choose a grip in either full wells or half wells configuration.  RFT grips are milled in AAAA cork and trimmed in high-density corkmix or EVA foam.  The hood perfectly covers the seat port and the overall look and feel is tight and right. RFT components also features a Scandi-style double hand fly rod handle.

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Showing all 7 results