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Graphite Fly Rod Blanks

Epic G2 Carbon Graphite Fly Rod Blanks manufactured in Silica Nano Matrix construction are at the absolute cutting edge of rod manufacturing and represent both performance and quality at the highest level.  The action curve on these models is progressive and though the speed is medium-fast, the recovery is phenomenal.  The result is a fly rod with loads of feel which casts and fishes like a dream.  Don’t be fooled by the sensitivity though; you can push these rods to surprising performance levels. The black, graphite finish is top-notch and features a ridged, semi-sanded surface and ground ferrules.

Red Truck’s 30/40 ton unsanded graphite blanks offer performance and durability at a price which makes the choice to try one pretty easy.  Rods built from these blanks are light, quick and crisp.  The finish is a natural, raw graphite grey and the taping is integrated and lacquered for lasting toughness.  Red Truck graphite models also feature ground ferrules.

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