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Two-hand Fly Rod Blanks

RFT Gear offers four different two-hand fly rod blanks. There are two 6-pc Epic models built in Swift Fly Fishing’s silica nano matrix carbon graphite layup. We also offer two 4-pc models from Red Truck Fly Fishing. The Red Truck blanks are 4-pc and constructed in a tough 30/40 ton graphite blend with natural grey snake-belly finish.

Swift consulted two-hand casters around the world and concluded the 13′ length was the most versatile. These are sensitive blanks with progressive action and quick recovery. RFT Gear features Epic two-hand fly rod blanks in two sizes.

7130 13′ 6-piece 350-510 grains

8130 13′ 6-piece 420-620 grains

Red Truck Fly Fishing developed their two-hand fly rods for primarily for Steelhead fishing.  We tested these rods with many different head weights and we were shocked at their power and versatility.  RFT Gear offers the following two-hand fly rod blanks from Red Truck.

6126 12’6″ 4-piece 250-450 grains

7136 13’6″ 4-piece 390-600 grains

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