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Epoxy & Finish

We feature RodDancer ThreadMaster quality rod building epoxy and finish compounds for thread windings.  RodDancer and ThreadMaster products have reached a recognized standard amongst today’s best professional custom rod builders.  RodDancer also offers a one-part rod finish “ThreadMaster One” which works surprisingly well. All of these quality products are easy to use and give superior results.  RFT Gear also offers a number of accessory products from Rod Dancer such as mixing trays, color seal and even pit paste for filling imperfections in lesser grades or damaged cork grips.

RFT Gear also offers quality rod building adhesives and thread finish products from American Tackle such as ProPaste paste epoxy and ProKöte thread finish. All of these component adhesives and thread finishes provide professional results.  RFT Gear has combined elements from the American Tackle selection of adhesives and finishes.  Purchase either as individual items or in combination kit form for multiple rods.

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