Seatrout Rods

Here are a few seatrout rods best suited to the coast.  There’s even a 10-footer for bushy Danish rivers.  Anyone searching for a Seatrout rod to use in any setting is sure to find something here.  We also feature Reliant spinning rods.

On the occasions we fish with conventional rods, we refuse to fish with junk. At the end of a long, disappointing search, we decided to make our own rods for Seatrout and Trout fishing. We built Reliant spinning rods at the same level of quality and attention to detail found in modern fly rods.

Reliant seatrout rods have a deep parabolic action with progressive power from butt to tip. They feature two interchangeable handle extensions to create different lengths for both wading or boat fishing. In addition to adjusting handle length, the “+” butt section moves the first ferrule away from the end of the handle. This allows for a multi-piece rod with a long-handle without creating a weak-point at the front of the grip. Only Reliant multi-piece conventional rods offer this feature.

Reliant conventional rods travel better than any other rods available at this level of performance. Flying and don’t want to drag a bazooka with you? No problem. These will fit in your regular luggage. We build Reliant rods with Fuji seats and Kigan rings.

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