Snake Brand

Snake Brand Original fly rod guides are produced from high quality stainless steel. The feet measurements are consistent which contributes to even thread wrapping. These high quality guides sit flat on the rod as they should. The feet are tapered and there is no need for grinding and filing.

The patented Universal Guide is precision formed and featurers a concave radius on the bottom of the foot which is unique in the industry. This breakthrough design results in guides that are self-orienting and self-aligning. Universal Guides are constructed of high quality stainless steel, and feature the same exceptional quality that has made Snake Brand, Inc. the market leader in the development of light wire snake guides. The feet are consistent in length; they have tapered ends and they fit the contour of a round fly rod blank. This means less time spent grinding, filing, twisting, bending, and wrapping. To fly rod builders, the importance of labor savings, quality, and performance cannot be overstated.

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