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Epic Fly Rods

Swift Fly Fishing manufactured a series of Epic fly rods exclusively for sale in Europe.  They are only available at RFT Gear. Each rod comes with a serial number which identifies it as authentic Swift merchandise.   There are six models available in both FastGlass 2 and Carbon Graphite.  The trout rods are line class four to six and there’s even a 7/8 double-hander.  Scroll down to the rods below and check them out!

We have a wide assortment of Epic blanks and tubes and we decided to match them with some quality in-house components to create complete rod building kits.  These packages offer various choices and represent tremendous value when compared to the stock Epic kits.  We’ll keep them priced like this for as long as they last.  Take a look.

Epic fly rods and blanks represent top-of-the-line technological advancement in the fly rod industry.  More top tier professional fly rod builders use the Epic fly rod blank than any other brand.  Swift builds Epics with Zentron S2 Undirectional FastGlass Fiberglass and cutting edge Nano-tech carbon fibre graphite.

Epic fly rod blanks in “FastGlass” S2 glass composite feature a fully unidirectional fiber layup.   This means the glass fibers are arranged longitudinally along the blank. The result is an incredibly strong, light and powerful tube with a crisp, precise response. This recipe, rolled to fast tapers combines silky smooth easy loading with trophy pulling power.

Epic FastGlass fly rod blanks from Swift Fly Fishing come in a number of distinctive colors which are readily identifiable as authentic Swift merchandise.  In addition to being simply beautiful, these blanks are tough and fly rods made with them are nearly impossible to break under normal use. This durability is unique among modern fly rods.

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Showing all 10 results