Red Truck Diesel 7100-4

359,00 EUR

  • Line Size: 7 wt
  • Rod Length: 10′
  • Sections: 4
  • Weight: 123gr
  • Cork: AAAA Grade
  • Handle: Modified Full Wells w/fighting butt
  • Reel Seat: Double Uplocking Gunsmoke Anodized Machined Aluminumn
  • Action: Fast
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The Diesel 7100 is a fast graphite fly rod built for searun fish.  There’s something magical about migratory gamefish. They are wild, unpredictable and they can be large. Fishing for salmon and migratory trout with a single-hand rod is effective and fun.  The Diesel Sea Run provides the overhead casting freedom of a single hand rod combined with great mending capability due to the extra length. This rod fishes everything from streamers to swinging flies. This long fast graphite fly rod is extremely sensitive and makes the exciting hunt for migratory fish just a little more special.  It’s also a great rod for bushy Danish rivers!

The Diesel Series

Red Truck Diesel Fly Rods embody the casting & fishing capabilities of the original California Leland Fly Fishing crew. They combined their experience with the engineering and production mastery of the world’s leading technical fly rod manufacturing facility.  The crew designed the Diesel series nearly a decade ago and it hasn’t changed much since then. The reason? The rods simply work and work well.  Diesel fly rods have a distinct, classic look that just doesn’t go out of style.

RFT Gear is the only retail outlet in all of Europe offering factory-finished, high-performance Red Truck Diesel fly rods. Red Truck produces the Diesel rods in Korea to the highest standards.

The Red Truck Diesel series features two lovely little S-Glass trout rods for line class #4 and class #5. They built both on beautiful translucent yellow-gold blanks bound in Red Truck’s signature burgundy red windings. The fit and finish down to the Western sock, yellow aluminum tube and sock are all top shelf. For you rod builders, both blanks are also available!

The graphite fly rod models in the Diesel series are light, quick and responsive. The graphite blend is a 30/40 ton mix with a natural grey semi-ground, snake-belly finish. All feature ground ferrules. The windings are burgundy with silver trim and the rings are all stainless steel. All Red Truck graphite fly rods come with a black, powder-coated aluminum tube and black twill sock.