Reliant 8’10” 4+ Spin

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This Reliant spinning rod is the most versatile of the series and is our favorite.

  • Length: 8’10”
  • Pcs: 4+
  • Lure Weight: 7-25gr
  • Action: Fast-Progressive
  • Power: Medium-light

The S810 is the first of two true Seatrout spinning rods in the “S” series and is designed for light coastal fishing. It serves equally well in lake situations when casting heavier lures for inland trout and char. When configured with the long handle it is possible to really reach out with extreme long casts even when using lighter hardware in the 10-15 gram range. The S810 packs down to approximately 60cm and comes with two interchangeable screw-in butt sections. A zip case is included.

Why Reliant?

Sometimes we fish with conventional gear. Sometimes conditions and certain situations favor it. Like so many others we know, we like the flexibility. We can cover a lot of water and it’s every bit as serious as when we fish with fly.

We started fishing Seatrout on the Scandinavian coast nearly 30 years ago. Back then our friends in Denmark were building their own spinning rods from carbon/glass composite fly rod blanks. They knew exactly the action they wanted and it apparently wasn’t available in a factory-made spinning rod.

When we decided to build a few Reliant conventional rods for the coast, we had specific criteria in mind. Naturally we thought back to this light, parabolic action everyone wanted. We also wanted to build them so that we and all our friends would want to fish with them. Finally, we knew we had to build them with the same quality and attention to detail found in modern fly rods.

There are very few two-piece fly rods remaining on the market today. Blank and Ferrule construction has advanced to the point that 4-, 5- and 6- piece rods perform just was well as those with fewer sections. We knew we had to make our conventional rods following the same formula. The problem to solve was the handle. Coast anglers want a long rear handle and we quickly figured out that the more sections our blanks had, the less room we would have to work with for the handle design.

Revolutionary “S” model

The first “S” models all featured interchangeable “+” handle extensions to create different overall handle lengths. The screw-connection is unique to Reliant rods and is fail-proof. The main reason for the “+” butt extension was always to move the first ferrule away from the end of the handle. This allows for a multi-piece rod with a long-handle without creating a weak-point at the front of the grip. Only Reliant multi-piece Spinning and Casting rods offer this feature. The short butt extension was actually an afterthought to give folks who fished from the boat or a float tube a shorter handle alternative.

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