Leland Vintage Fly Reel 3/4

179,00 EUR

  • Weight: 3.9 oz. (113g)
  • Spool Width: .70″
  • Spool Diameter: 2.3″
  • Frame Diameter: 2.7″
  • Appropriate for line sizes 2 to 4
  • Traditional aesthetic
  • Fully machined from solid, bar-stock aluminum
  • Teflon anodized
  • Standard arbor for plenty of capacity
  • Time-honored click-pawl drag
  • Easy left-to-right retrieve conversion
  • Solid brass components
  • Agatine handle
  • Brass-zippered, padded leather case

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When it comes to choosing a fly reel for small stream angling, try the Vintage Golden Trout. This fly reel is at home on bamboo, glass, and even contemporary graphite fly rods. The Golden Trout fly reel offers the function and feel. It’s perfect for plying small, secret streams where fly fishing is unpretentious and uncomplicated.

Nothing fancy here. No large-arbor spools, no NASA-designed drag system and no gaudy color options. This is the type of fly reel like you might hope to find at a flea market one day. The preset click pawl drag system needs no adjusting. You’ll hear this fly reel laugh loudly, as it celebrates each wild trout you catch.

Of course it’s fully machined from solid bar-stock aluminum and anodized for scratch resistance and a long life in the field. It’s probably best described as a beautiful little trout reel with soul. Something your grandfather would definitely approve of.

Most fly reel manufacturers over-design and overbuild their reels. Modern fly reels feature detailed machining, sealed drags, multicolored anodization options and so forth.  If you’re looking for a trout reel do you really need all of that?

What of the traditionally styled fly reels which are fading from the market? The Leland staff wondered the same and set out to do something about it.  They decided to create fly reels that offer all the functional performance necessary, but with more traditional aesthetics.

The Leland Reel Company uses the best materials and finishes for a long life of use, but with a nod to tradition.  The click and pawl drag system works exactly as intended and also loudly announces when a fish is on. If you fish fiberglass, bamboo or just want a traditional fly reel, give these a look.

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