We set two primary criteria when we began to carefully choose our products for RFT Gear.  The selection should be complete and at the top of its class.  More importantly, the core selection should be unique and different from that of other suppliers.  We formed the RFT Gear assortment with these points in mind and the products found here provide rod builders with uncommon, refreshing alternatives to the rest of the market.

Only RFT Gear offers Swift Fly Fishing’s Epic Fly Rod blanks to the European market.  Available in both Fastglass and Carbon Graphite, these products are among the top choices for modern rod builders.  More custom fiberglass fly rods are built on Epic blanks than any other brand. Swift has recently upgraded their manufacturing process and Epic Fastglass II blanks are now better than ever.  Fly rods built on Epic fiberglass blanks outperform all other fiberglass fly rods and they are both stylish and durable.  The new generation of Epic Carbon Graphite blanks are constructed with a silica nano matrix resin system that improves performance, feel and durability.  Fly rods built on these blanks feel good.  They are sensitive and a ton of fun to fish with.

Fly Rods and Fly Rod blanks from Red Truck Fly Fishing have shocked everyone who has tried them.  This little brand from the US West has high-performance products that are super sensibly priced.  Only RFT Gear offers Red Truck fly rod blanks to custom rod builders!  The graphite blanks are 30/40 ton composition built fast with an unground, snake-belly finish reminiscent of some Scott models.  The Red Truck glass is a classic, soft yellow with time-honored spigot ferrules and an unground finish.  Red Truck offers tons of value and performance for first-time rod builders or seasoned pros looking for something different.

There are a bunch of other cool components and accessories here at RFT Gear.  Take a look around and please let us hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions.

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