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Red Truck Diesel 5710 Glass

This rod has gotten a lot off game time in the streams with dries and classic wet flies. As lines i have used long tapered WF or traditional double tapers both in aftm 5. . The blank has soft and pleasing action, not wobbly or restless  glass. It bends till the grip and holds the fish very well. It’s best on short 3-10 meter casts, but in can easily cast between 15-10m,

Full wells grip for sure divides opinions but for my hand it’s just excellent. The price is fair with the factory rods and workmanship is flawless. In my rod the logo was upside down in the but cap but i can live with it since flaw is only cosmetic.

I own also Diesel 590, 690 and 7110 Switch witch all are excellent rods for my use.

Mikko P, Finland

Photo: @mikko.partinen