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Reliant Fishing Tackle delivers specialized technical sportfishing gear to the Scandinavian and Northern European market. We believe all fishing is fun and we work with selected gear for many methods.  We are the first to introduce a dealer program for Swift’s Epic fly rods from New Zealand.  These new Epic rods are available in certain models only to dealers in Scandinavia, Northern Europe and Japan.   We have also introduced Red Truck fly rods to Europe and everyone who has tried them agrees the performance and value is outstanding.

The Reliant guarantee is pretty simple; if you buy it from us or one of our retail partners and it doesn’t perform to your satisfaction, return it to us. For a broken rod section, we’ll replace it within the first two years. After that you can buy a replacement part from us for a nominal fee.

We are proud to be the Scandinavian agent for Accurate Fishing Products and their aerospace-grade reels and matching jigging rods. If there is ever an issue with one of the Accurate reels, we have a local service center and we work hand-in-hand with the factory to provide technical repair and support.

Epic Fly Rods

Swift Flyfishing

The truly unique Epic Fly Rod offers an imaginative alternative to the norm in an industry flooded with more and more of the same old technology. The guy running the show at Swift is one of the world’s great fly casters and used to be pro-staff for one of the industry giants. He finally got fed up with trying to keep up with all the “new” models and innovations coming out each year while watching the quality steadily decline at the same time. He formed Swift with the idea to do it right and sacrifice nothing along the way.

In late summer 2018, Epic glass fly rods will be available constructed in ZenTron® fiber and in a standard version produced in the world’s leading fly rod factory.  Initially there will be three models in ZenTron® glass; the 476, the 580 and the 686. The Standard series will also include the Carbon Fibre (graphite) models 590C, 690C and the two-handers.Swift has recently added a new manufacturing process and is now delivering Carbon Fibre fly rods built with the most advanced Silica Nano Matrix adhesive layup available today. Heavier salt models will follow later.

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In addition to the rods, Swift has introduced the hubless Lunar flyreel in a limited edition to much acclaim. More models will follow soon.

Aside from being unique, Swift gear is extremely functional and a blast to fish with. Why spend your hard-earned money on ordinary gear when you can have something special? Soon you’ll be able to find it in your local fly shop.

Reliant Fishing works with Swift products as their agent in Scandinavia. For information regarding the dealer program please shoot us an email at:

Diesel Fly Rods

Red Truck Flyfishing

Red Truck is a small, underground label from the US West Coast. The brand has been around for nearly a decade and was formed by guys who fish a lot and cast well.

Red Truck has gained a lot of interest lately among many other knowledgeable fly casters and anglers who are tired of the big brands which constantly phase out rods in order to introduce new models and series every few months. Folks have begun to figure out all the change has less to do with innovation and is mostly about marketing & sales hype to sell more new rods. Red Truck has kept it real throughout the years with go-to tapers that work and a clean look that just never becomes obsolete.


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The classic Diesel is a no-nonsense piece of fishing equipment styled in California and carefully produced together with the world’s leading manufacturer of premium fly rods. Reliant has teamed up with the Red Truck Fly Fishing Co. to bring these fine flyrods to Scandinavia and they are in stock now.

We offer the single-hand carbon/graphite models in sizes #4 to #8, the lovely little 476-3 (pictured) in classic golden glass and three double-handers built to carry heads up to 650 grains. There are two new models arriving in Autumn 2018; the graphite 790-4, and the glass 5710-3.

To see the current Red Truck assortment, please open the following link to the Red Truck Fly Rods.  Mail us at for more information.

Cortland Fly Lines

Cortland Line Co.

Cortland Fly Lines have been manufactured at the Cortland Line Company for over 100 years. The company started making silk fly lines in 1915 and has been at the forefront of fly line technology ever since. Some of the technologies the company has pioneered and refined for the industry over the years are found in all of todays modern fly lines – regardless of the brand. The 333 and 444 model lines have served modern fly anglers for decades. The new tapers and materials are among the best available in floating, intermediate, sinking and multi density models.

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Cortland has over 50 different fly line models in the present assortment for every conceivable fishing situation.All fly lines are made in the USA at their factory in Cortland, New York.  Anglers and engineers have developed these tapers and they deliver. Cortland lines are among the only fly lines on the market today that are true to the actual AFTM rating. The coatings are durable and slick, and the tapers perform exactly as they should.

As the entire Cortland assortment is so large, we stock the lines that we sell the most. To see the current Cortland assortment on-hand in our warehouse, please follow the link to the Cortland Fly Lines.  Reliant can deliver all lines in the Cortland assortment and to get a comprehensive list of the selection together with pricing, please mail us at with your dealer inquiry.

Reliant & Searun Rods

Reliant Fishing Tackle

On the occasions we fish with conventional gear, we refuse to fish with junk. At the end of a disappointing search that lasted years, we decided to make our own rods for Seatrout and Trout fishing. Naturally they are built at the same level of quality and attention to detail found in modern fly rods.

Reliant rods have a deep parabolic action with progressive power from butt to tip and feature two interchangeable “+” handle extensions to create different lengths for both wading and for fishing from a boat, kayak or float tube. In addition to adjusting handle length, the “+” butt section performs another important function and that is to move the first ferrule away from the end of the handle. This allows for a multi-piece rod with a long-handle without creating a weak-point at the front of the grip. Only Reliant multi-piece Spinning and Casting rods offer this feature.

There are also a couple of faster, tip-action models in the series and even a long, progressive trigger grip for multiplier reels.

Reliant rods travel better than any other rods available at this level of performance. Flying and don’t want to drag a bazooka with you? No problem. These will fit in your regular luggage. Reliant rods are built with Fuji seats and Kigan rings. See details on the Reliant range at the link below.

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For the current selection of Reliant spinning and casting rods, please open the following link to the Reliant product specifications.

When we introduced Reliant in 2014, everyone that tried them loved the actions and the features, but we also heard many express the wish for a more traditional 2-pc rod with the same feel. We introduced the Searun series in 2016 and there are a number of models for all coast fishing situations. For more information on all of our Searun rods view the link to the Searun product specifications here. This sheet shows current Searun models and specifications.