Rod Building

Rod Building has been a popular part of angling culture for many years.  As with fly tying and just about every other facet of sportfishing, do it yourself rod construction has evolved tremendously.  The selection of blanks and components is enormous.  Materials and even techniques are more and more advanced and continue to improve.  While RFT Gear offers some of the latest and most advanced rod building components available today we think staying current and connected to the market is different than trying to chase every new trend or fad.  That’s why we’ve chosen a selection we can stay with and steadily build upon.

RFT Gear is lucky enough to have a professional rod builder on staff in our Finland office.  His rod building experience gives us core visibility over the market and industry insight gained from building rods for customers all over northern Europe.  This institutional knowledge was key to selecting the hundreds of products that form the RFT Gear selection.  He has built numerous rods on the blanks we sell and the RFTGear selection reflects practical knowledge of the products.  Additionally, our staff carefully reviews every order and is available to help with recommendations when and if we see something we believe can be improved.  We pick and pack each order as if we were going to build the rod ourselves.

We’ve dedicated a section of the platform to use as a knowledge base.  We are still operating in the BETA version of the site, but as we evolve the knowledge base will expand from guide spacing recommendations to include a host of rod building advice and step by step tutorials.  We will include photos detailing techniques for prepping, glue-ups, winding, accents, whipping and finishing.  Please feel free to just email us with any rod building question you can think of.  We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.