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Sea trout premiere

The house nestled in between the rocks on this beautiful island is as welcoming as every year. The fire place is lit, beers in the fridge, the waders are hung up at their usual spot.

The guys whom I will spend this easter weekend with drop in one after another and I’m in the kitchen cooking up an old favorite, Chili cod and mussels with garlic bread.

Beers are out, and spirits high. Tying vices all set, even though all boxes are full. This is the happening many of us long for the most all year, forget about Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries.

Some of us even accept a week in quarantine in a hotel after coming back to Norway, that’s dedication.

I will try to update as often as I can during the day, so stay tuned.

All set.

Tough morning. Early start but not much action to be had. One of the guys hooked into a smaller fish right away, then a better lost for another. It took a change of location to not get skunked. In a shallow cove a rise showed that we were at the right spot.

Christian christening his Red Truck Diesel HS 690.

A pink worm pattern did the trick and as I played the fish two more followed.

A break for lunch, hopefully more to come as the tide turns.

Northerly winds, not on the wish list.

Pick fish, strange wind. Short moments of activity. But at least the season has started. Back at it tomorrow.

Early morning with film maker Magnus.