Trout Gear

It’s finally trout season! There are a lot of choices when selecting gear for trout fishing. You want to choose well and get the best fly-fishing equipment for the money you spend. We’ve simplified the process and offer a sensible selection of functional trout tackle.

Red Truck Fly Fishing

The Red Truck Fly Fishing Company produces Diesel Fly Rods and Reels. The series has been around for almost a decade. The gear is simple, functional and sensibly priced.

Diesel Fly Reels

A simple, bulletproof, click-pawl trout reel with a classic look, sound and feel.

Cortland Fly Lines

Fly lines from Cortland are a great compliment to any fly rod. A balanced fly line is critical to proper rod performance. Cortland manufactures lines true to their respective AFTM classifications.