RFT Rod Building Components

Like fly-tiers, rod builders are particular about the materials they use. There are a lot of rod-building components out there from which to choose, but current trends lean towards very decorative seats while simple, mechanically functional components are not easy to find. At Reliant Fishing Tackle we’ve begun to put together a series of our own RFT Components grips and seats. The factory where we make our Seatrout rods gives us access to the capability to produce quality seats and grips in tight, practical, uncluttered designs at sensible prices.

Function & style that fits together

All RFT Components are designed to fit together. All single-hand grips in both half-wells and full-wells form are inletted to perfectly accept the 21.5mm hood insert on the RFT single-hand (SH) seat. The RFT SH seat is 34 grams light and features a semi-triangle tube which is hard-anodized in a black-matte, stealth finish. The seat has double locking rings with rubber inserts for properly securing the reel. The flat sides of the semi triangular tube ensure the sturdy sliding ring is always aligned properly for a fail-free fit. This is a seat best matched to rods in class four to eight.

RFT two-hand grips are also inletted to fit the 25.5mm hood insert on the two-hand (TH) seat. This seat is 39 grams light has the exact same features as its smaller counterpart, but is sized to fit all modern two-hand blanks.

RFT SH grips are manufactured in AAAA cork and feature attractive EVA accents both at the front and rear of the grip. The EVA is the perfect material for the hood overlap on the reel seat and also provides excellent protection and stability for the cork at each end of the grips. The models you see now are the first in the series. These grips will also be available with corkmix accents in the early Spring. Look for smaller models (for the lightest rods) later this year.

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Showing 1–12 of 14 results