Red Truck Diesel 590-4


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  • Line Size: 5 wt
  • Rod Length: 9′
  • Sections: 4
  • Weight: 85gr
  • Handle: Modified Western Grip
  • Cork: Hand selected premium cork
  • Reel Seat: Double Uplocking Gunsmoke Anodized Machined Aluminumn
  • Reel Seat Spacer: Maple Burl
  • Action: Fast

The 9ft 5wt is your all round trout solution, the one best answer for fishing for trout anywhere. In one day of trout fishing an angler can use multiple techniques. A day can start with fishing dries during the morning hatch, an indicator nymph rig during the heat of the day, a hopper dropper rig as it cools off, and finally streamers for big browns at dusk. You could certainly carry a dry fly outfit, a nymph outfit, and streamer outfit or you can take one “All Purpose Trout” outfit designed to excel in all of these situations.